Be Secured against Insider Threats and Cyber Security Risks within your Organization

A Unified Suite for Insider Threat Management
and Employee Behaviour Analysis

inDefend is designed to secure enterprise workforce that detects anomalous employee behaviour as opposed to their regular behavioural patterns

Data             Leakage       Protection

Protect your confidential data from being compromised by your own employees and gain maximum insights.

Employee Productivity Monitoring

Monitor and improve productivity of your employees by keeping a track on work activities and work hours.

Employee Behaviour Monitoring

Gain access to insightful user data that can help you understand an employee’s organizational behaviour.

Handcrafted quality
Data Resolve

A Unique Set of Features perfected over the years

Our flagship business suite inDefend has unique set of features that something other products cannot match

  • Complete clarity on confidential data residing in the organization
  • Deploys across all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, printers.
  • One dashboard for all reports and analytics
  • Incident alerts on Email and SMS. Stay connected even while on the move
  • Activity tracking, employee monitoring and sensitive data protection combined in one single suite