• Stay Cyber Secure

    Holidays is a time for giving (and buying), for sharing (and over-sharing), and when a lot of folks are traveling to see their families and friends but staying connected along the way.

    With all the bustle and busy-ness, some people might need a reminder about good habits for cybersecurity and online privacy.

    Whether you’re connecting with old friends on Facebook, hitting Amazon.com for some last-minute gifts, or keeping up with news while you’re away from home, security should be on your agenda.

    You may be taking time off for the holidays, but the cybercrooks, scammers, hackers and snoops are always out there, waiting to pounce.

    Even if you think you’ve never been hacked or that you’re not a target, think of the turkeys – they spend their whole lives fattening up with no idea what’s in store for them until the axe comes down on their necks!